About T4T

About T4T Online

T4TOnline is a cooperative effort between David Garrison, the Southern Baptist International Mission Board and Greater Europe Mission to make the training developed by Ying Kai more broadly available. David is a leading researcher on church planting movements and has authored Church Planting Movements: How God Is Redeeming a Lost World (WIGTake Resources, 2004). He currently serves as the IMB’s Global Strategist for Evangelical Advance.

What is T4T?

If you would like to be more engaged with proclaiming the gospel, discipling new believers and seeing healthy churches planted and reproducing, we invite you to learn more about T4T and ask God how he might use it to multiply new believers and churches in your own community. Read More.

What makes T4T different?

As its name implies Training for Trainers, T4T, is all about training. Its goal is to train believers who can train others in a very simple yet effective method of evangelism and discipleship. The goal of the training is to establish rapidly reproducing churches and groups of disciples across relationship networks. Read More.

What is the biblical basis for T4T?

In targeting the harvest that God has already prepared, T4T is based on several Biblical truths that lay the foundation for rapid multiplication. Read More.

What is the most important aspect of T4T?

The secret to success in T4T is not the lesson content. The content can be flexible. In fact, you are encouraged to adapt the lesson content to what is most effective in your environment. For example, you may know a way of explaining God’s way of salvation that communicates more clearly to the people where you live. Read More.

What will this require of me?

Find out what is involved in becoming an effective T4T trainer. Read More.