T4T Resources

T4T Resources

T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution Supplementary Resources

Part 1: The Foundations of T4T

Part 2: The Process of T4T

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Part 3: The Application of T4T

T4T Curricula Packages


  • Church Planting Movements – David Garrison is one of the world’s leading experts on church planting movements (CPMs). He is the author of “the” book on CPMs, Church Planting Movements: How God is Redeeming a Lost World. Hiswebsite offers tremendous insights, information and resources on CPMs.
  • T4T Article by David Garrison
  • T4T Powerpoint
  • S-T4T – Storying T4T has adapted T4T for oral learners using storying.
  • Orality Strategies – A good resources for those working with non-literate peoples. Has a good download page for S-T4T resources (see above).
  • Movements.net – Steve Addison is an Aussie CPM practitioner and author of Movements that Change the World. You can read his keen analysis of gospel movements at movements.com.
  • Moses on Missions – BDB Moses is the pen name for a CPM practitioner who is a veteran missionary serving in India. He is the co-editor of Best Practices Institute Manual and An Indian Tribal Movement. View his website here.
  • CMA Resources – Neil Cole is the executive director of Church Multiplication Associates & CMA Resources which exists to facilitate church multiplication movements by focusing resources on reproducing healthy disciples, leaders, churches and movements. Neil is the author of Organic Church, Organic Leadership and Church 3.0.
  • Neil Cole’s Blog – Neil Cole’s blog site.
  • Tony and Felicity Dale – Tony and Felicity Dale, physicians and house church imports from the U.K., now reside in Austin, Texas and stimulate multiple house churches through books like, The Rabbit and the Elephant (2009), and their on-line magazine, House2House.
  • House2House – Tony and Felicity Dale’s online magazine on the house church movement.
  • Camel Method – Kevin Greeson is probably in touch with more Muslim-backgorund CPMs than anyone else on earth. Check into Kevin’s Camel Method website (see below).
  • Wolfgang Simson – Wolfgang Simson rocked the church world with his Houses that Change the World. Follow, then did it again with The Starfish Manifesto. Follow the ongoing thoughts and publications of Wolfgang at his site.
  • Wolfgang Simson’s Starfish Portal – Wolfgang Simson rocked the church world with his Houses that Change the World. Follow, then did it again with The Starfish Manifesto.
  • Rad Zdero – Rad Zdero, Canadian author of The Global House Church Movement, Nexus, and Entopia, offers dozens of articles on house church.
  • DNA-21 – Avery Willis’s passion for world evangelization, revival and discipleship haven’t slowed down a bit. View his “Reclaiming first century discipleship in the 21st century” here.
  • David Watson – David Watson, VP for Global Church Planting of CitiTeam and director of New Generations, shares his CPM insights.
  • CPM Training Resources – Helping you prepare your mission field for a church-planting movement. David and Paul Watson share insights and resources for CPM trainers, drawing from their experience multiplying churches all over the world.
  • Joel Comiskey Group – Mega-cell churches are ‘managed’ first cousins of Church Planting Movements, and no one knows them better than Joel Comiskey.
  • PLNTD, A Church Planting Network – The vision of PLNTD is twofold: to cultivate community for church planters and assist churches in the process of becoming church planting churches.
  • Great Commission Initiative – Igniting Church Planting Movements Among Unreached People Groups in North America. We achieve our mission by researching CPM’s worldwide, training Great Commission Christians in CPM methods and coaching them for success!
  • Disciple Nations Alliance – Their mission is to influence local churches around the world to embrace a robust biblical worldview–bringing truth, justice and beauty into every sphere of society, and to demonstrate Christ’s love in practical ways, addressing the brokenness in their communities and nations beginning with their own resources. Unites evangelism with wholistic, incarnational ministry.
  • The Harvest Foundation – THF is one of the founding members of the Disicple Nations Alliance. Their mission is to disciple local churches to proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel of God’s Kingdom, bringing wholeness and healing to all that was broken in the fall.
  • Missio – Missio equips church planters and churches to become missional through incarnational communities that make the Kingdom tangible to non-believers.
  • T4t USA – The T4T USA Team’s blog, where you can learn about the latest updates in the ministry.
  • JUIO – Jesus-Up-In-Out is a simple way to express the essential elements of living in God’s kingdom. Obey the Great Commands (Matthew 22.37-40: Love God and Love People) and Obey the Great Commission (Matthew 28.18-20: Make Disciples). It is the DNA of kingdom living.